Wheelchairs 4 Kids

Wheelchairs 4 Kids

Wheelchairs 4 Kids is dedicated to improving the lives of children with physical disabilities by providing wheelchairs, home and vehicle modifications as well as other assistive equipment to children with physical disabilities at no charge to the families.

Many children in the United States faced with living with physical disabilities are in wheelchairs that are too small, in disrepair, or do not fit the needs of the child. Children outgrow their wheelchairs before government or insurance programs will allow for a replacement – on average 5 years! Not only is it unsafe for a child to be in a chair that is inadequate for their needs, but it can impact their health in numerous ways including scoliosis, respiratory problems and pressure sores. In addition, families are faced with trying to care for their special needs children in homes that have not been modified to meet their specific circumstances. Imagine trying to lift your teenager in and out of bed or a bathtub without assistive devices or a modified bathroom. Picture a child in a home where they can’t get upstairs. Wheelchairs 4 Kids is addressing this much neglected need.

We also have an inclusion program called “Wheely Fun Days” that gets our kids out in the community to enjoy activities such as going behind the scenes at sporting events to meet the athletes or even meeting Winter the Dolphin up close and personal! We even took them water-skiing! Many of our kids are isolated socially. It is our goal to increase awareness that they share the same hopes and dreams as their able-bodied friends and like to discuss the same topics whether it be sports, movies or even celebrity crushes! The first step toward understanding is inclusion.

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How the Money Will Be Used

In 2016, the Tony’s Crew Award was for $5,000.

In 2015, the Tony’s Crew Award of $5,500 will provide money to the program “Let’s Roll.” Funds may be used to purchase wheelchairs, gait trainers, and other assistive or therapeutic devices as well as for materials and direct costs associated with home or vehicle modifications such as ramps, door widening and installation of roll-in showers.