Orange County SPCA

Orange County SPCA

Through our wide variety of programs, the OCSPCA (CALIFORNIA) has been making an everyday difference in the lives of animals and people here in Orange County, CA since 1984. Although there may be other similar programs doing great work in our community, no other organization has as many programs as the OCSPCA. Offering this wide variety to benefit the animals and humans in our area enables us to have a larger impact on the community as a whole. The mission of the OCSPCA is to foster the humane treatment of animals through: education of the public, financial assistance (to relieve animal suffering), promotion of the animal/human bond and animal cruelty intervention.

Over the years our organization has grown and evolved, always focusing on how we could help the most number of animals possible. While some groups run shelters, it was decided that the OCSPCA would be a program based animal welfare organization. One of the primary focuses being to help reduce the number of animals killed in our shelters every year by implementing spaying and neutering programs and having a goal of keeping pets in their homes. The OCSPCA networks with animal shelters, animal rescues, and veterinarians with regards to sick and injured animals, rehoming pets, providing pet food for hungry pets, TNR (trap, neuter, release) for feral cats and more. Our PAWS, Canine Literacy and Kindness Kids therapy dogs and volunteers work with children’s homes, rehabilitation facilities, nursing homes, psychiatric hospitals, hospice care, school assemblies, classrooms, libraries and other special events every year such as the Special Games for special needs athletes.

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How the Money Will Be Used

In 2014, the TSF Grant Accelerator Award of $5,000 was used towards the PAWS program including Canine Literacy & Kindness Kids.