Loose Lugnuts: The Tony Is Back!! Edition

Loose Lugnuts: The Tony Is Back!! Edition

(Photo Source: Tony Stewart Facebook Page)

Usually when my cellphone vibrates with a text message as I am coming off the elevator at work onto my floor- it’s something work related. Today it’s YEY related. Here is what has been pinging around my head like lugnuts in a pitstall during a green flag pit stop- you just never know where they will end up…except I kind of do- they end up here. Let’s get to it shall we:

1.So I am a little late with the lugnuts- I usually post them on Wednesdays- but to be completely honest it was just because I ran out of time yesterday to track down pictures to put in the post and all that but now we have something else to discuss and it’s probably the most important thing to discuss so I am bumping everything else down a notch! So in case you live in a world without social media Tony Stewart announced today not just the timeline of when he would be back in the #14 but SURPRISE he’s going to be back in the car this weekend.  There are not enough exclamation marks in the world to exclaim how excited I am about this.  So Tony will be racing his first race back at his favorite NASCAR track too- so that can’t hurt right? Tony has always exclaimed his love for Richmond.  Also in case you didn’t know- Tony will then do a tire test at Indy and will start Talladega for the points then hand the car over to Ty Dillon because of the significant increase of crash and injury at Talladega. I can’t tell you how much better this makes me feel about Talladega. Also as expected NASCAR did grant Tony Stewart a waiver for the missed races. So come on Tony let’s go out there and rip off a win and maintain top 30 status…I want to see you in Vegas my man! This definitely made my morning!

2. Here is Tony yesterday on RACEHUB last night- actually yesterday afternoon for me on the west coast…but I dvr’d and watched it this morning well before the announcement and thought to myself- hey self- you should find the video and add it before I publish the post:

3. Here is a good article about Tony returning from Jenna Fryer /AP that includes some great quotes from Tony. My favorite quote: “I want to make the most of my last season in Sprint Cup, and I’ve been on the sidelines long enough.” There is also some quotes about what Tony said about NASCAR no longer policing the lugnuts on the cars…those are all classic Tony quotes. I love that he speaks his mind. It’s one of the reasons he’s my driver.

4. Also- here is a good opinion piece from Tom Jensen about why NASCAR needs Tony Stewart.

5.Instead of discussing Carl Edward’s first win of the season, or Dale Jr.’s amazing recovery from being two laps down (except I am not clear how he was only two laps down and not three) to finishing second at Bristol- I am discussing what everyone else has been talking about- and that would be “the girl who got hit in the garage area by Kyle Busch.”  By now everyone has seen the video of the incident. All I can say is this. No matter WHERE you are standing- when you are in the garage area with a hot pass (or even a cold pass) you HAVE to be alert to your surroundings.  During the race- when cars come into the garage area they might not take the same path they took coming in and out of the track during practice and qualifying because they are not expecting a bunch of traffic (and sometimes in the drivers meeting they are told to get off of the track differently- especially for road courses).  The lady was clearly distracted if you watch the video (although how she didn’t hear the car coming I am not sure- I guess it’s possible he cut the engine and was coasting) and not watching where she was going.  She seemed to think that she was in an area that cars would not go.  NASCAR seems to think she was in an area that was purposely cordoned off from fans.  Either way ANYONE with the privilege of having a garage/pit pass NEEDS TO BE AWARE of what is going on around them.  Also according to Matt Weaver of SBN she is the wife of a dirt track driver and if that is the case then she clearly should have known better. Oh and NO I don’t think Kyle did it on purpose (are you serious people? I have been reading comments online and people seriously thought he did it on purpose). He clearly was trying to stop when he saw her. His car was damaged and likely he couldn’t judge how it would turn or stop considering the damage was to one of the wheels. Do I think Kyle was upset? Heck yeah- I would be if my car kept having tire failures. But I don’t think he purposely hit her…come on he’s might not be your favorite driver but he is also not an idiot. Also it looks to me in the video that a crew member heading for the car immediately goes to her and not the car…so no Kyle himself might not have come to her aid but a crew member did. You can see the crew member approach at the end of this video (video is from a different angle) so someone from Kyle’s camp DID indeed approach her.

6. I am going to surprise everyone here and jump in on a little F1 talk, including myself.  I don’t really pay that much attention to F1- I never really have.  But I will say that some of the stuff I have been hearing coming out of F1 specifically regarding the HAAS F1 team has been so childish to me.  They came out of the gate strong and I think that surprised a lot of people within the F1 community- I think they expected there to be somewhat of a learning curve for the team- instead, according to this yahoo sports article they have scored more points than any first year team in the last 25 years of F1.  That is obviously NOT going over well.  This was not a move that HAAS made lightly I am sure and now that they have come in to F1 and been fairly successful the other teams are getting a little jealous.  This makes me laugh and it makes Gene Haas, well ignore them. I love his quote from the aforementioned article “We never read that memo that said you had to come in to Formula One and run in the back for five years, so we kind of ignore that. We’re not going away, they better get used to it and if people don’t like it that’s their problem, not my problem.”.

7. While I am talking about F1- and the surprise that HAAS was coming out of the box…it seems once Tony has hit his retirement he wants to go watch an F1 race somewhere next year according to this motorsport.com article. He also had some very Tony-esque words for the driver who was saying that if a Haas F1 driver had so many points that the race must have been bad: “I don’t know which driver was saying after the Australian Grand Prix how bad a race it was when a Haas car can score points — and then they go out

[in Bahrain] and do better. I’ve got to research that because I want to make sure he looks like a total ass because obviously he was.” You have to love Tony for just saying it like it is. It’s not like he hasn’t been able to see the Haas F1 team grow from the ground up or anything.

Gratuitous Tony Stewart Picture:

(photo source: Tony Stewart Facebook Page)

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