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Tony wants to make it easy for fans to support his foundation. Lap Leaders allows you to make a larger gift using smaller parts. Join Lap Leaders with a monthly donation of $5.00 or more. It’s easy, secure and automatic. You’ll be helping children and animals. Tony says “thank you” by providing an autographed item at year end to participating Lap Leaders!


Lap Leader Ambassadors

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Take the Quiz

  1. You consider yourself a Tony Stewart fan.
  2. You admire what Tony does off the track to help children, animals and injured race drivers.
  3. You realize that the current economy has created a greater need to help charitable organizations that serve children, animals and injured race drivers.
  4. You have read about at least one outstanding program or organization funded by the Tony Stewart Foundation & its donors.
  5. You’re on a budget but really want to help Tony’s foundation.
  6. You intend to make a gift but get busy as we all do and forget to send your contribution.
  7. You want or need to make charitable contributions that may qualify as deductions on your federal tax return.
  8. You spend $5 a month on impulse buys for things you really don’t need.
  9. You want or need convenience in making a contribution.
  10. You want flexibility to make changes easily if life throws a curve ball or you hit the lottery!
  11. You want or need to track your charitable giving on a monthly basis.
  12. You need a cool mouse pad.
  13. You’re a collector of all-things Tony Stewart.
  14. You simply want to help.

How Did You Score?

  • 6 or more “YES” answers. What are you waiting for? Sign up for Lap Leader’s today.  And, THANK YOU!
  • 3-5 “YES” answers.  Need more inspiration? Take time to look around our web site or visit Then, come back & sign up for Lap Leaders to help us “Accelerate Change”.  THANK YOU!
  • 1 or 2 “YES” answers.  As a Tony Fan, you can help by making a one-time contribution in the amount that is right for you!  THANK YOU!

Lap Leaders – The Collector Series

MINIMUM Monthly Donation of $5. Choose the Donation Level right for you!


TSF has a “thank you” gift for those donors who contribute every month.

As a thank you for monthly donation, you will receive a special gift when you initially sign up to be a Lap Leader. Contribute all twelve months of every given year’s cycle based on when you join Lap Leader to receive an autographed item from Tony.

Extra ‘Fuel’ Earns Benefits

Lap Leaders who contribute $500 or more in a 12-month period automatically qualify for one of these donor clubs and receive the benefits: