Justin Bartlett Animal Rescue

Justin Bartlett Animal Rescue

Where there is suffering you will find us. We are Justin Bartlett Animal rescue, and we are “the largest puppy rescue in Palm Beach County”.

While our mission is focused primarily on saving pregnant and nursing dogs, cats, orphaned puppies and kittens, we also take a special interest in the severely injured, abused and neglected. Sadly, public shelters don’t have resources to care for or even hold animals from these types of cases. Thanks to grants and donations, we are able to help more and more animals from these situations each year, which would otherwise end up as another shelter euthanasia statistics.

Justin Bartlett Animal Rescue solely runs on love and donations! With over 300 volunteers, we fundraise, transport, care for the animals in our homes, and we hold weekly adoption events throughout Palm Beach and Martin County.

Additionally, Justin Bartlett Animal Rescue has initiated several special projects. Our Healing Hounds Program, is where adoptable animals are placed in rehab facilities as not only a therapeutic intervention for the residents, but as a therapeutic and training intervention for the animals. Pilots N’ Paws is also a program that Justin Bartlett Animal Rescue participates in. Each year annual “fly out” missions are held, and volunteer pilots fly into rural areas to rescue dogs and cats, and bring them back to be placed in no-kill rescue programs. JBAR believes this mission is important because it brings nationwide awareness to pet overpopulation and rescue. Community outreach is another piece of the puzzle to make change happen. Our volunteers attend neighborhood and school functions, to educate the community about rescue, humane treatment of animals, as well as the importance of spay and neuter. And what better way to educate the community about the importance of spay and neuter than to get in the trenches and get the job done? Proudly, in 2015, Justin Bartlett Animal Rescue hopes to launch a mobile spay and neuter clinic, providing low cost sterilization surgeries to the communities, where it’s needed most.

Currently, Justin Bartlett Animal Rescue has over 350 dogs and cats in our foster program and saves approximately 1,000 pets annually that will eventually be placed in loving homes. Our goal is to keep the community engaged, because we know that together we can do more!

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How the Money Will Be Used

In 2015, the Tony’s Crew Award for $3,000 will be used towards spay and neutering. This remains the primary program to reduce unwanted litters and homeless animals. This grant will be used to work with owners in economically challenged areas to spay-neuter their pets.