Childhood Cancer Foundation of Southern California (CCFSC) (CALIFORNIA) is more than 700 families strong committed to serving children with cancer and their families throughout Southern California emotionally, financially, educationally and with emergency assistance. CCFSC prides itself in being a very personal organization, serving the oncology community since 1981 powered by over 200 volunteers and a small staff of two.

Every three and a half minutes a parent hears the devastating news, “Your child has cancer.” With these words, normal life stops and a difficult new journey begins; a journey that will test families physically, emotionally, socially, and financially. Communication with another family experiencing this devastating disease is very beneficial and CCFSC family events and activities provide this support. The children benefit from a program that gives them the opportunity to have normal life experiences in spite of their life threatening diagnosis.

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How the Money Will Be Used

In 2016, the Tony’s Crew Award was for $5,000.

In 2015, The TSF Grant Accelerator Award of $5,000 will be used towards the Family Assistance and Education Program that provides a social support system to families dealing with the challenges of a cancer diagnosis. The funds will include support for the Teen Connection Program.

In 2014, The TSF Grant Accelerator Award of $5,000 was used towards the Family Assistance and Education Program.