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The Stewart Effect

CLICK TO VIEW TONY'S ARTICLE This week the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series travels to the great state of Texas. Tony, recuperating from his January 31 back injury, will be there in various capacities although not behind the wheel of the No. 14 Chevrolet SS – not quite yet. For Saturday night’s Duck Commander 500, Tony will be there as an owner and as a philanthropist. Question Number 1: Who was Jay Pfeifer, NASCAR Illustrated’s former editor-in-chief, talking about when he said, “…he can be NASCAR’s most powerful force for good”? You may guess several names but unless you came up with “Tony Stewart” as the answer – you’d be wrong. Of course, I’m [...]

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Accelerating Change

#WholeySmoke! Everyone knows Tony Stewart is a true racer with a winning history whatever he drives. Since age 7, he has driven competitively…and raked up quite a lot of trophies, achievements and accolades along the way. At Las Vegas & Phoenix these last couple of weeks, you have seen Tony the Owner – arguing with officials, offering expertise from the pit box and sharing pride in both SHR victory and teams finishing strong. So who, exactly, is Tony Stewart the philanthropist? And, why should you care about his foundation? The Tony Stewart Foundation “Accelerates Change” for outstanding charities serving children, animals and injured [...]

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#WholeySmoke. It’s a person. It’s a concept. It’s Tony Stewart a.k.a. ‘Smoke’. Only when you see rather than only hear “#WholeySmoke” – do you fully get it. #WholeySmoke means the whole or the entirety of Tony as opposed to what sidekick Robin often exclaimed to Batman. Tony Stewart is complex. Or is he really? Like all of us, he wears one of many hats; for Tony, he is a son, brother, uncle, friend, neighbor and outdoor sports enthusiast. Unlike most of us, Tony carries a celebrity status due largely to his illustrious, 17-year career in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series – claiming three Championships along the way. [...]

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