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Tony Stewart & Mama Smoke Recognized by Points of Light

They've done it again! Tony Stewart & Mama Smoke keep "doing good" and have now been recognized by Points of Light for their leadership through the Tony Stewart Foundation that benefits children & animals. President George H.W. Bush created the "Daily Points of Light Award" in 1989 to "recognize Americans...who inspire, equip and mobilize others to take actions that change the world". CONGRATULATIONS TO Tony & Pam for individually receiving the 2015 Daily Point of Life Award. Special thanks to Brenda Rider and her children's charity ROCcK Children's Choir for nominating this outstanding mother-son team! Special THANK YOU to Brenda Rider for nominating Tony & Pam! Based in upstate Ohio, Brenda devotes much of her time to the foundation she started in 2003 - [...]

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Shining Stars Foundation – Aspen Winter Games

69 Shining Stars. 90 Ski Instructors. 19 Medical Specialists. 29 Aspen Buddies. 25 Student Volunteers. 400+ Donors. Add it up, and you'll see just how much help is needed to give 69 critically ill children the best week of their lives! At the 2016 Aspen Winter Games, we had the honor of meeting 11-year-old Celeste. Celeste traveled to the mountains of Aspen all the way from Yorktown, Virginia to join us at Winter Games. She was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in 2013, at the age of 9 years old. Despite the challenges that this amazing young woman has faced at such a young age, she has already accomplished more than many adults! She has published her own blog-, has her [...]

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ICAN & Charlotte

In the summer of 2009, we welcomed "Smoke's Pup Crew" into the world... 9 golden retriever puppies destined to help children & young adults through the Indiana Canine Assistant Network (ICAN). Fast forward to spring 2016. Meet Charlotte - 1 of Smoke's Pup Crew - all-grown-up with her favorite 'person' Grace. Now an 8th grade student, Grace is thriving in large part to Charlotte's steady presence by her side. Grace's mom, Aimee, reports, "Grace dressed for Spirit Week and was at ease in the crazy, loud and chaotic school cafeteria with Charlotte by her side. We are quite proud of her and ever so thankful for Charlotte and the job she does for Grace daily. We love that Charlotte has [...]

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At KEYS it's all about creating smiles! Based in New York state, KEYS provides patient support programs of bedside music, family respite days and sibling support programs to families who have a child battling cancer - all at no cost to the families. Founder Colleen Bennett & her contingent of smile-bringing volunteers were recently featured in the May issue of Women of Upstate NY magazine.  KEYS has partnerships with more than 44 children's hospitals and camps located in Central New York and across the United States.  As Colleen candidly shares, "Our wish is a cure for cancer, but until then, our mission is to help children & their families when they need it most - through the healing power of music". [...]

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Five Incredible Female Advocates For Dogs, From Past To Present

If you’ve heard of puppy mills, the cruel places where most pet store puppies come from, then you’ve probably heard of Theresa Strader. She founded National Mill Dog Rescue after attending a dog auction in Missouri with the intention of rescuing just a few discarded breeding dogs – and came home with thirteen instead. She was recently featured in an article on which is below:   Dogs are considered man’s best friend, but who is a dog’s best friend? When it comes to advocacy and rescue, that honor goes to women. They’ve been at the forefront of the animal rescue movement since its beginning and have remained some of the most dedicated animal advocates over the years. In honor of Women’s History Month, we’re celebrating [...]

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A Shout-Out to Tony

Fans of Tony Stewart know he injured his back in a January 31 all-terrain vehicle accident in Arizona and had surgery to repair his L1 vertebrae. It took him from the driver’s seat of the No. 14 Chevrolet SS for the start if his final season racing the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. But, it didn’t keep Smoke down for long as he put on his “owner” hat and journeyed across the country for the #NASCARGoesWest races. The kids & 4-hooved therapists from the Children’s TherAplay Foundation took time to send huge “well wishes” to their fellow Indiana Hoosier and favorite racer! LEARN MORE ABOUT THE CHILDREN'S THERAPLAY FOUNDATION

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For Little Annie Jo

Annie Jo Gets A New Wheelchair Ramp! Annie Jo was diagnosed with Osteogenesis Imperfecta, also known as Brittle Bone Disease, at birth.  Brittle Bone Disease causes the bones to break and fracture easily, and this is something that she will have to endure throughout her life.  Although faced with many obstacles, this 2 1/2 year old is full of joy.  Her family says, “to know her is to love her”.  Her smile is contagious, and she’s smiling extra big today!  Wheelchairs 4 Kids is honored to have been able to help Annie Jo and her family get the new wheelchair ramp for their home. Living in a rural community, word traveled fast about the need for a wheelchair ramp [...]

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TSF – Helping Children through Animals

Photo credit: The Center for Human-Animal Interaction RICHMOND, VA., (March 30, 2016) – When 3-time NASCAR Sprint Cup Champion Tony Stewart established his named charitable foundation in 2003, even “Smoke” couldn’t predict the far-reaching impact the TSF Grants Program would make repeatedly for organizations serving critically ill children. For this weekend’s NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race at Martinsville Speedway, Tony Stewart will be participating as an owner rather than a driver due to his January 31 back injury which has him sidelined for the start of the 2016 season. But, Tony is wearing more than his “owner’s hat” this weekend as he also is proud to recognize an outstanding Tony Stewart Foundation (TSF) Grant Partner located in [...]

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Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest

No matter how long you work at a sanctuary or how well you know the chimps, there are still moments that take your breath away. Jody, Foxie, Jamie, and Burrito spent decades living in isolation in barren laboratory cages. Today, they are free to patrol their territory as a family. LEARN MORE ABOUT CHIMPANZEE SANCTUARY NORTHWEST

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Bentley’s Buddies and Friends help kids with reading skills

(February 18, 2016) - Bentley & Monique have moved gracefully from a very hard beginning through rescue by TSF Grant Partner Indy Great Pyrenees Rescue to adoption and now helping children improve their confidence and reading skills. These gentle giants were recently featured on the local FOX news affiliate (FOX59)…look at them now! A local program takes dogs into schools and libraries to help young children with their reading skills. Sherman is in Greenfield to show us how these four-legged friends are paying it forward. From: LEARN MORE ABOUT INDY GREAT PYRENEES RESCUE

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