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Quantum House

Quantum House – Where Hope has a Home Charlotte, NC (May 18, 2016) – Hard-driving 3-time NASCAR Sprint Cup Champion Tony Stewart is a self-professed “softie” for children – especially children facing serious illness. Tony knows first-hand that unexpected injury or illness can derail even the most steady individual. When families receive news that their child requires a lengthy hospital stay and aggressive treatment, their to-do list becomes unimaginably long. Quantum House is uniquely positioned to relieve families of stress and financial hardships as the only hospital hospitality house located between Fort Lauderdale (FL) and Orlando (FL). For each of the past 15 years more than 500 family members have received a comfortable environment in [...]

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National Mill Dog Rescue

Hundred Hearts Dover, DE, (May 11, 2016) – 3-time NASCAR Sprint Cup Champion Tony Stewart is well known as both a fierce competitor on the track and a “big softie” for animals. Stewart began his charitable foundation in 2003 following several personal rescues of animals that were at-risk or abandoned. With an eye on victory at this Sunday’s race at Dover International Speedway (DE), Stewart will display the colors of Code 3 Associates – known for rescuing animals lost or injured during natural disasters. It is fitting, then, that attention be given to another outstanding animal rescue organization and TSF Grant Accelerator Charity – National Mill Dog Rescue – based in Colorado Springs, CO. [...]

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Hand in Paw

4-Legged Comfort Birmingham, AL, (April 26, 2016) – 3-time NASCAR Sprint Cup Champion Tony Stewart knows it takes heart, drive and determination to overcome adversity on the track. The NASCAR Sprint Cup Series is at Talladega Superspeedway racing on Sunday, May 1. Smoke is making his 2nd appearance behind the wheel of the No. 14 Chevrolet having worked hard to overcome his back injury sustained January 31. Stewart knows a person needs a motivator, a cheerleader or a friend to help soldier through the difficult times when recovering from an injury or facing a critical illness. It’s but one reason why Hand in Paw, based in Birmingham, AL, is one of Tony’s “Grant Accelerator” Charities. Hand in [...]

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Shangri-La Therapeutic Riding – STAR

Karlee, now 15 years old, doesn’t focus on the therapeutic benefits she’s received during her time riding at STAR (Shangri-La Therapeutic Academy of Riding). But her mom, Linda, sure does! Karlee has been coming to STAR since first grade.  In 2011 when she was 12, Karlee had a stroke from an injury at a water-park, affecting her cerebellum – the part of the brain controlling balance and coordination. Karlee struggled with a new fear of heights and had difficulty balancing which negatively impacted her love of riding horses. Linda shares their story providing so much credit to the great folks at STAR who kept encouraging Karlee to “get back on the horse’. Yet, despite Karlee’s [...]

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Saddle Up!

Brian began riding at Saddle Up! when he was 6 years old and “irascible”. His instructor, Tina, describes him as the “most charming young man I have ever known”. Brian celebrated his 19th birthday in early February and he will graduate from the program in May 2016. Down Syndrome children have one thing in common – they can be stubborn. But little by little this little boy turned into an amazing young man as well as a beautiful rider. He tries so hard to please and is always concerned about his fellow riders. If someone needs help grooming his/her horse, Brian is there. If excess tack needs to be put away for another rider, he [...]

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Small Miracles Therapeutic Equestrian Center, Inc.

When Callie began attending Small Miracles in 2004, she had difficulty with hand-eye coordination, walking and getting on anything that moved as her “save” reflex was not developed. Callie was born with a chromosomal defect leaving her with mild developmental delay such as speech and word processing issues, some physical “glitches” and obsessive-compulsiveness. However, Callie loved big animals, so she was willing to take a risk by getting on a horse. Through specifically designed equine-assisted activities and therapies, Callie has now overcome many of her difficulties. Just as important as the physical accomplishments Small Miracles has provided for Callie are the cognitive and social skills she has developed. She is better able to follow instructions, [...]

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Children’s Craniofacial Association

DALLAS, TX, (April 7, 2016) – This week 3-time NASCAR Sprint Cup Champion Tony Stewart is being honored by Speedway Children’s Charities for helping them raise more than $1.0 million through his annual “The Smoke Show” driving experience. Well-deserved kudos to this racer who has wowed NASCAR fans but rarely gets recognized for his philanthropic efforts. One such effort which will fly under the radar but is aligned perfectly for this week’s race at Texas Motor Speedway is Tony’s support of Children’s Craniofacial Association (CCA) – - based in Dallas. For the 2nd year, Tony has made sure funding was awarded to the “Wonder~Choose Kind” program. This innovative program spreads the #ChooseKind message to [...]

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The Center for Human-Animal Interaction

Jamie and her Goldendoodle, Penny, were requested in the pediatrics unit, and they arrived to find a teenage boy propped up on pillows, surrounded by family. Jamie and Penny put on their best show for the family. Penny knocked down bowling pins, bounced a basketball through a hoop, and even sat up on her hind legs to autograph a Dogs On Call trading card! After much applause from the family, Jamie stepped over to the boy and asked “Would you like to pet Penny?” There was a long pause as the family looked on, waiting for his response. Slowly, and carefully, he nodded. As if she understood, Penny walked over to the side of the [...]

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Childhood Cancer Foundation of Southern California

Childhood Cancer Foundation of Southern California (CCFSC) prides itself in being a very personal organization, serving the oncology community since 1981 powered by over 200 volunteers and a small staff of two. Support begins at the moment of diagnosis and remains available through every stage of treatment and beyond. Every three and a half minutes a parent hears the devastating news, “Your child has cancer.” With these words, normal life stops and a difficult new journey begins; a journey that will test families physically, emotionally, socially, and financially. Success rates in childhood cancer have led to survival rates of up to 80%, however, the emotional, social, psychological and medical support is an on-going need. CCFSC [...]

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The Children’s TherAplay Foundation

Meet Lauryn: Jennifer clearly remembers the first time her daughter was able make a full lap around the arena while standing upright on a therapy horse. Lauryn’s smile was pure sunshine. Here was a child who fell more than she walked yet, through equine-assisted physical and occupational therapies, had developed the core strength and balance reactions to stand tall and proud as her therapy horse circled the arena. “She was so excited. She said, ‘I did it! I did it!’” It was a big day. Learn about the tremendous progress Lauryn has made and the joy she’s experienced along the way at LEARN MORE ABOUT CHILDREN'S THERAPLAY

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