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Wrapping up the 2016 Season with Champions Week in Vegas

Tony’s award at the Myer’s Brothers luncheon: Terry Dolan(left), Manager of Chevrolet Racing, and Tony Stewart, driver of the #14 Chevrolet, pose with the Chevrolet Cross Flags Award during the NASCAR NMPA Myers Brothers Awards Luncheon at The Wynn on December 1, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada. David Becker/NASCAR via Getty Images For someone who doesn’t like to fly – I have logged more air miles in the last 13 months than I have in my entire life up to that point.  Just within the last 13 months I have flown to Homestead Miami for Jeff Gordon’s last race, to Indianapolis Indiana for Tony’s last Brickyard. I flew to Phoenix for Tony’s last Phoenix race, and I flew [...]

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Smoke In My Eyes: Thank you Tony (#ThanksSmoke)

(For those not aware- a little over a year ago I undertook a project here on BadGroove that we lovingly called Project Smoke In My Eyes.  The concept started out as a way for fans to submit their own stories about Tony Stewart and ended up being put into a book that is currently on it’s way to Tony for delivery sometime in December.  The book is pages of fans stories about Tony Stewart. While I was compiling the submissions I worked on creating my own submission for the book.  I went through several versions and finally at the end of my own self-imposed deadline came up with the following. It appears as the last entry in the Smoke In My [...]

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Can-Am 500 in Phoenix

(photo source: Crabill/Getty Images North America) Start: 25th Finish: 15th Points: 2192 (15th in points) (photo source: Gardner/Getty Images North America) Dear Phoenix- it had been too long. I hadn’t been at your track since November of 2014 and I forgot why I love you so much. Last year I forsake you to attend my first race in Homestead-Miami because Jeff Gordon was retiring and since it’s so close to the Phoenix race there was no way I could attend both.  This year- I thought I would miss you. I had decided in the shadow of my driver Tony Stewart retiring to attend my first and his last Brickyard 400 at IMS. I assumed that I would again forgo [...]

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AAA 500 in Texas- where everything is truly bigger…including the Bobbleheads

(photo source: C. Tilton/Getty Images North America) Start: 23rd Finish: 31st, 5 laps down Points: 2166 (14th in points) Ahh you have heard the saying everything is bigger in Texas right? Well that is also true of the NASCAR race- because was was suppose to be an afternoon race stretched into a HUGE rain delay…and then a rain shortened race.  When it started to rain right after the drivers got in and all buckled up there was a lengthy (six hour) rain delay. Way to stick it out Texas race fans by the way. Rain delay coverage was the usual…I don’t know if they talked about it during the coverage- because I actually left the house for a bit when it was [...]

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Goody’s 500 at Martinsville

(photo source: Zelevansky/Getty Images North America) Start: 6th Finish: 26th, 4 laps down Points: 2156 (14th in points) Tony’s weekend started out with awesome practices and a solid qualifying effort but unfortunately it didn’t end up so swell. After the first caution when a majority of the field pitted and Tony’s team did not he ended up falling back in the field to fresher tires.  The car sustained damage when Ryan Blaney came across the nose of Tony’s car as well. Between battling a car that wouldn’t turn and the loss of track position he was unable to make up any ground and eventually ended up loosing laps to the leader and finishing 26th. Tony was discouraged. The team was discouraged. The [...]

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The Talladega Chase Race and Why Certain Drivers/Teams Stay In the Back

(photo source: Smith/Getty Images North America) Start: 21st Finish: 32nd Points: 2141 (14th in points) For Talladega- the race on Sunday was fairly uneventful and that was a good thing.  The big one never came- just a few medium to small sized incidents that did little damage- unlike the big melee during the truck race the day before with 34 laps to go. (Source: Tony Stewart Official Store Facebook) Tony dropped to the back of the pack after the drop of the green flag and stayed there for the entire race. When – by chance of caution he was in packs of cars he again would drop back until he was in a smaller group of people whom he trusted.  The plan [...]

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Hollywood Casino 400 at Kansas

(photo source: Tony Stewart Facebook) Start: 14th Finish: 16th Points: 2131 (13th in points) The race in Kansas started out with a good omen for driver Tony Stewart: he was driving the number 14 car, was housed in garage number 14 in the garage area at Kansas and ended up qualifying 14th.  That’s a whole lot of 14 right? (photo source: Tony Stewart Facebook) At the drop of the green flag Tony started flying up the field and cracked the top ten within 10 laps.  He reported that the balance was pretty much the same as it had been in practice and it was pretty good. The team did a great first pit stop and no penalties left him in the top ten. [...]

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The Citizen Soldier 400 at Dover

(photo source: Tony Stewart Official Store Facebook) Started: 15 Finished: 13th Points: 13th (2074 points) When Sunday came I found myself in a quandary. I wanted  to watch the race as I usually do on race day but a big part of me didn’t want to watch the race at Dover. Why? It was the stress of it being the last race before the cut to the round of 12.  I understand that NASCAR things that these elimination rounds are exciting to watch but I find this chase format to be exponentially more nerve racking than any other chase format. Especially when at the start of the race your driver is ranked 15th out of the 16 chasers and only the top [...]

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Chasing the Loose Lugnuts

(photo source: Tony Stewart Official facebook) It’s just been that kind of week for this little blogger. The kind of week where life gets in the way of the blogging part of things. And it doesn’t help that the Chase is here. So I decided instead of stressing about doing my post race report- now four days late I will skip it and point you in the direction of the official team release about the race if you are here looking for my usual post race rap ups and get right to a “Loose Lugnuts” type post. 1. Most of us Smoke fans are thinking about the chase- and how Dover is critical for Tony Stewart if he’s to continue on in [...]

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Chase Race 1: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 400 at Chicagoland

(photo source: Crabill/Getty Images North America) Started: 11th (Qualifying was rained out and starting position was based on the points). Finished: 16th Chase Standing: 12th* (photo source: Krutsinger/Getty Images North America) Tony Stewart speaks with his team on the radio before the drop of the green flag before every race- and this week he wanted to emphasize two points with the crew and team before the first race of the playoffs start. He wanted them to know that they win as a team and lose as a team but that he wanted them to finish off the last ten weeks of his last season as a NASCAR driver having FUN no matter where they end up at the end [...]

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