2014 Grant Accelerator Charities

Happy Hollow Children’s Camp

Since its start in 1951, Happy Hollow Children’s Camp (INDIANA) has welcomed more than 40,000 children to experience a summer camp full of opportunities for learning and adventure. Children ages 7 to 14 from the Greater Indianapolis area make friends, learn about nature and take part in supervised camp activities that help them see new possibilities for themselves. Happy Hollow serves over 700 children each summer. Of the children attending camp, 77% of the children are minorities and 95% of our campers live in poverty. As one of the only residential camps in Indiana focusing on service to economically challenged children, the Happy Hollow camp’s staff and directors are working diligently to help Central Indiana families meet [...]

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Humane Society for Hamilton County

Established in 1984, the Humane Society for Hamilton County (INDIANA) is a unique animal welfare organization in that it considers all good-tempered animals – regardless of age, breed, special needs, or disability – adoptable. Every animal will receive the medical care it needs, the love it craves and the second chance it deserves. HSHC operates an "open admission" facility which means no animal is turned away due to space or financial limitations. Remarkably, HSHC annually places over 90% of animals in its care into loving homes compared to the national average of 35% which includes the medically difficult cases. Social Media WWW.HAMILTONHUMANE.COM How the Money Will Be Used In 2016, the [...]

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Indiana Canine Assistant Network (ICAN)

Founded in 2001, Indiana Canine Assistant Network (INDIANA) believes that service dogs can be catalysts for positive change in peoples’ lives. Today that change is meeting two important needs in our communities; (a) ICAN provides Hoosier children and adults living with a disability greater independence and an opportunity for a more enriched life by partnering them with a service dog and, (b) ICAN prepares offenders to return to their communities better equipped to successfully reintegrate with their families and obtain employment. ICAN brings hope through the spirit of the dog. Service dog placements include mobility, facility (Hospitals, schools, courthouses, and rehabilitation centers), PTSD assist for veterans, autism assistance, and diabetic alert. ICAN is the only [...]

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Jameson Camp

Established in 1928, Jameson Camp (INDIANA) enriches the lives of Indiana youth by inspiring them to discover their strengths. We are year-round youth serving agency fostering positive youth development. In order to fulfill our mission, we offer a variety of youth programs including residential summer camp, youth leadership, outdoor education, and challenge course/teambuilding programs. Our tagline is “Get Outside. Grow Inside.” because the children in our programs are outside and active, and gaining important social and leadership skills. We primarily serve low-income children and are specially equipped to serve children with minor social, emotional, or behavioral challenges. Jameson Camp offers a specialized camp session called Tataya Mato for children ages 7-17 who are affected by [...]

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The KEYS Program

The KEYS Program (NEW YORK) is a 501c3 children’s charity that delivers music, hope and smiles to kids battling cancer through music outreach, education and advocacy. Founded in 1993 by retired NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Official David Bennett and his wife Colleen, the KEYS Program provides bedside music, live concerts, music care packages and family respite programs for kids in children’s hospitals, camps and hospice care…all at no cost to the families they serve. Where words fail music speaks.” Hans Christian Anderson. The KEYS Program experiences the power of music every day. Whether singing a silly echo song with a child undergoing chemotherapy treatments, dancing in the halls of the hospital with IV in one hand and [...]

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National Mill Dog Rescue

National Mill Dog Rescue (COLORADO) is the leading organization in the country devoted exclusively to rescuing puppy mill survivors. From 2007 through 2015, we have saved 10,468 dogs from "dog factories" primarily in Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Missouri. We generally rescue breeding dogs that are either too old or too sick to continue producing litters-but also take other dogs that are about to be discarded, including puppies that are over the age desired by pet stores. Most of these dogs have years of life ahead of them. They would otherwise be sold for pennies at dog auctions or destroyed; and, indeed, across the country, thousands suffer these fates; but we rescue as many as we [...]

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Orange County SPCA

Through our wide variety of programs, the OCSPCA (CALIFORNIA) has been making an everyday difference in the lives of animals and people here in Orange County, CA since 1984. Although there may be other similar programs doing great work in our community, no other organization has as many programs as the OCSPCA. Offering this wide variety to benefit the animals and humans in our area enables us to have a larger impact on the community as a whole. The mission of the OCSPCA is to foster the humane treatment of animals through: education of the public, financial assistance (to relieve animal suffering), promotion of the animal/human bond and animal cruelty intervention. Over the years our organization has [...]

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Oregon Greyhound Adoption

Oregon Greyhound Adoption (OGA) (OREGON) is a 100% volunteer 501(c)(3) non-profit public benefit corporation dedicated to finding permanent, loving homes for ex-racing greyhounds, providing pre- and post-adoption support as well as educating the public about the joys of adoption. Oregon Greyhound Adoption volunteers enthusiastically pour countless hours into the care and nurturing of these wonderful animals servicing Oregon and Southern Washington. Oregon Greyhound Adoption (OGA) participates in a very unique “LIFESAVERS” blood donor program thru VCA Northwest Veterinary Specialist Critical Care Blood Bank Program. This programs sets OGA apart from thousands of pet adoption organizations by ensuring that a safe and reliable blood supply is maintained for the critical canines in need due to injury or illness. [...]

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Partners For Progress

Partners For Progress (PFP) (ILLINOIS) is a place where dreams come to realization through life altering programs that assist those with special needs in overcoming their challenges. There are 6 specific programming levels available at PFP, offering challenging advancement and appropriate placement for overcoming those challenges to obtain goal achievement. These programs are implemented using horse therapists that are chosen for soundness at all levels of movement, as well as for specific gait, type, size, ability, strength, etc., to allow for the highest quality therapeutic input for the participants we serve. With over 8 years of recorded outcome history, the participant riders at PFP are experiencing a 79% goal achievement success rate. This success rate is achieved [...]

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Quantum House

Quantum House relieves the stress and financial hardship for families whose children are receiving treatment in Palm Beach County for a serious medical condition since 2001. The House is the only agency between Fort Lauderdale and Orlando, Florida serving families in this way. The House expanded from 10 family suites to 30 suites to serve even more families who needed help during a most difficult time. More than 1,000 family members make Quantum House a place “where hope has a home®” every year. On the campus of a major medical center, the House puts families right where they need to be, which is as close as possible to their children.  The Family Care Program fulfills [...]

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