2014 Grant Accelerator Charities

Small Miracles Therapeutic Equestrian Center, Inc.

Small Miracles Therapeutic Equestrian Center, Inc. (TENNESSEE) is a non-profit corporation founded through love in 1995 to enhance the physical, emotional, social and cognitive growth of individuals with special needs through means of equine-assisted activities and therapies. Our programs include Therapeutic Horseback Riding, Positive Youth Development and Equine Services for Heroes. Small Miracles is a Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship, International member-center. Social Media WWW.SMALL-MIRACLES.ORG How the Money Will Be Used In 2016, the Tony's Crew Award was for $4,000. In 2015, the Tony's Crew Award of $5,000 will provide funding for our Therapeutic Horseback Riding Student Sponsorship Program which allows Small Miracles to maintain affordable student fees as in prior years. Each Student Sponsorship costs [...]

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Tatum’s Bags of Fun

Tatum’s Bags of Fun (INDIANA) has a simple mission, to make a positive impact on the lives of Hoosier pediatric cancer patients. Tatum does this by providing a backpack filled with $350 worth of age-appropriate games, toys and activities to every child diagnosed with a form of cancer in Indiana. Each year she delivers in excess of three hundred Bags of Fun to these brave children. Since August 1, 2008 she has delivered smiles & laughter to more than 1800 children. Tatum is fourteen years old and a two-time cancer survivor. She was first diagnosed with cancer when she was five years old. She was diagnosed w/Ewings Sarcoma in her right femur. She endured a years worth [...]

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Therapy Animals of Utah

The mission of Therapy Animals of Utah (TAU) (UTAH) is to share the comfort, love, hope and healing of the human-animal bond through training, service, education, and research. TAU serves its mission by providing animal-assisted therapy and animal-assisted activity services free of charge to a variety of clients throughout Utah in hospitals and other healthcare facilities, residential treatment facilities, shelters, schools, libraries, and more. Many of our clients are children who face significant physical and emotional challenges. A large number of the animals in the TAU program have been rescued or sheltered. We believe that these animals – having passed the rigorous Pet Partners evaluation – are among our most compassionate team partners. The value of animals [...]

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Arts for Life

Arts For Life (NORTH CAROLINA) is dedicated to supporting people facing serious illnesses and disabilities. By providing educational art programs, we enrich patients’ lives, nurture their minds and spirits, and encourage positive healthcare experiences for children and their families. Arts For Life helps children and their families in four communities across North Carolina. Arts For Life began in 2001 with one patient, one camera, and one art lesson. Our founder's sister was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a form of bone cancer, at age 11. While Katie was in treatment for weeks and months at a time, her sister Anna found that dynamic, educational art lessons helped young patients cope with the short and long-term effects of illness, remain [...]

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Austin Dog Alliance

Austin Dog Alliance (TEXAS) has a mission to improve human lives through programs incorporating the powerful connection between dogs and humans. Our programs include: S+CORE! (Students + Canines = Opportunities for Rewarding Employment) provides vocational training for dog-related careers to adults with special needs The Bow Wow Reading Dogsprogram improves reading levels for local elementary students by providing non-judgmental listeners (dogs). Special Dogs for Special Needs is a unique program that rescues dogs with friendly temperaments from local kill shelters, provides extensive training and then places the dog in a home with a special need child The Hounds for Heroes program rescues dogs from local shelters, provides extensive training and then places the dog as a PTSD Service Dog with a [...]

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Austin Hatcher Pediatric Cancer Foundation

The Austin Hatcher Foundation (TENNESSEE) for Pediatric Cancer’s mission is to erase the effects of pediatric cancer and optimize each child’s quality of life through essential specialized intervention beginning at the time of diagnoses and continuing throughout survivorship. The Foundation provides services to children with cancer as well as their families through its three major divisions; Diversionary Therapy, Psycho-Oncology, and Healthy Lifestyle Education. The Foundation provides all services at no cost to the families. Services are funded solely by the generous donations of its supporters. Diversionary Therapy provides families faced with pediatric cancer a variety of specialized motorsports related activities that promote the involvement of leisure, recreation and play by reducing barriers. These opportunities promote self-esteem, personal [...]

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Brent’s Place

Since 1997, Brent's Place (COLORADO) has advanced to become a leader in specialized Safe-Clean housing and support programs tailored specifically for immune-compromised pediatric hematology/oncology patients who, along with their families, have traveled far from home to receive last-resort medical treatments in the Denver area. It is the only facility nation-wide: DESIGNEDand maintained to minimize the risk of infection to the patient; PROVIDING independent apartments suitable for the entire family together; OFFERING long-term housing before, during and after life-saving treatment; SUPPORTINGeach member of the resident family with individualized respite activities and programs addressing the many day-to-day challenges they face; AT NO COSTto families, offering financial relief in a time of great need. Brent’s Place is recognized by world-class hospitals in [...]

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Can Do Canines

Can Do Canines (MINNESOTA) is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for people with disabilities by creating mutually beneficial partnerships with specially trained dogs. We envision a future in which every person who needs and wants an assistance dog can have one. Can do Canines is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that trains and places five distinct types of assistance dogs with people who have disabilities, free of charge. They train assistance dogs to help with hearing loss, mobility challenges, seizure disorders, type 1 diabetes and childhood autism. This Minnesota based organization placed their first assistance dog in 1989 and has since graduated more than 500 similar assistance dog teams, placed with people living in seven states. [...]

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Canine Assisted Therapy, Inc.

Canine Assisted Therapy, Inc.’s ("C.A.T.") (FLORIDA) mission is to be dedicated to providing pet therapy to children and adults who have developmental and physical challenges as well as those who desire comfort and companionship of a loving pet. C.A.T. improves people's lives physically, mentally and emotionally. Founded in 2009, Canine Assisted Therapy, Inc. (C.A.T.) is the premier volunteer pet therapy organization in South Florida, currently with 125 certified pet therapy teams.  C.A.T.’s vision is to educate and teach people how therapeutic animals can change a person’s life. Whether a person is developmentally challenged, physically challenged, lonely or simply loves the companionship of a pet, our certified C.A.T. Dogs can make a life changing difference. C.A.T. provides support, [...]

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The Center for Courageous Kids

The Center for Courageous Kids (CCK) (KENTUCKY) understands the challenges families face when caring for a seriously ill or disabled child.  It is a 24/7 Herculean calling which requires every last ounce of energy and optimism.  This goes for everyone; parents and siblings, as well as the child living with a serious illness.  This is the very reason that CCK exists and offers its services to these “courageous kids” and their families, free of charge.  Children and their families experience days filled with horseback riding, bowling, swimming, fishing, arts and crafts, just to name a few. When a child is diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, everything changes.  Long-term plans and dreams for the future often must be [...]

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